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Indie Cinema Online investigates the changing nature of contemporary American independent cinema in an era of media convergence. Focusing on the ways in which modes of production, distribution, and exhibition are shifting with the advent of online streaming, simultaneous release strategies, and web series, this book analyzes sites such as SundanceTV, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other online spaces as a means of redefining independent cinema in a digital era. Analyzing the intersections among cinema studies, cultural studies, and new media studies within contemporary convergence culture, author Sarah E.S. Sinwell looks at sites of media convergence that are often ignored within most studies of digital media. Emphasizing the ways in which the forms and technologies of media culture have changed during the age of convergence, this book analyzes contemporary production, distribution, and exhibition practices as a means of examining the changing meanings of independent cinema within digital culture.


"Indie cinema has been moving increasingly online and Sarah Sinwell's book is the first to offer a comprehensive mapping of this new and exciting terrain. Paying attention to the key players in the field and offering a host of interesting examples, the book is an extremely welcome addition to the blossoming field of independent cinema studies."

--Yannis Tzioumakis, author of American Independent Cinema

"Sarah Sinwell's Indie Cinema Online is an engaging and provocative examination of independent cinema in the past two decades. Through detailed case studies, Sinwell captures the promise and the challenge to independent cinema with the current array of release windows and the drastically changed distribution and marketing mechanisms. Sinwell's project opens new avenues to shape our understanding and appreciation of independent cinema in the 21st century."

--Justin Wyatt, author of High Concept: Movies and Marketing in Hollywood

I know it is convenient to buy on Amazon - but please consider purchasing from these three independent publishers first!

- Sarah


Paperback from $27.95



Paperback from $27.95

Paperback from $27.95


Paperback from $27.95

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